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    50% of Form & Matter's share of each sale supports a world-class charity*
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    Luxury home and lifestyle products sourced from sustainable means.
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    Form & Matter donates 50% of revenues from sales to a world-class charity of your choice *
    The Green Standard

    The Form & Matter Network has developed a system that highlights and categorizes the many facets of green to help you find products with the attributes that are most important to you.

    Making It Easy to Save the Planet

    Form & Matter is a balance between sustainable business and charitable giving. 50% of our share of each sale supports an affiliated world-class charity of your choice. Every sale changes the world.

    Helping You Find the Best Products

    GoodGuide's science team - chemist, toxicologists, nutritionists, sociologists, and lifecycle analysis experts - rates products and companies on their health, environmental and social performance.

    Word-Class Charities

    Form & Matter works side by side the planet's most effective charities on the ground that have received a 4 star rating from Charity Navigator or an A from Charity Watch.

    Pioneering Balanced Business

    The Form & Matter Network only carries the finest brands that are making a genuine impact in their industries. Our vendors are changing the face of global business.

    Art Saving the World

    Form & Matter artists are world-reknowned masters of their craft. Through Form & Matter their creative talents are saving lives, protecting the environment funding scholarships, and promoting balanced living.

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    • Rough Cut Diamonds Are Clean Diamonds
      The most beautiful art often already exists in nature, needing only to be uncovered. Such is the case with Diamond in the Rough jewelry, which features uncut, unpolish...
    • Tom Raffield
      Adventurous design and quality craftsmanship. Tom grew up surrounded by the extreme wilderness, tranquility and natural beauty of Exmoor, England - an environment that...
    • Upcycled Furniture
      Sustainable furniture by some of the finest green designers in the world.
    • Beach Decor
      Sustainably sourced beach lifestyle products and fine art.
    • The NYC Collection
      Form & Matter's top products from the five boroughs of New York City.
    • The U.K. Collection
      A few of Form & Matter's favorite green products and antique treasures from the United Kingdom.
    • Green Furniture
      The finest green furniture in the world
    • 2014 Summer Collection
      Form & Matter's finest green and ethical summer lifestyle products.
    • Nazmiyal Antique & Vintage Rug Collection
      The Nazmiyal Collection, located in the heart of Manhattan in New York City, has been in the antique Oriental rug business for more than thirty years. Nazmiyal works r...
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    Green Furniture

    Form & Matter The finest green furniture in the world

    Tom Raffield

    Form & Matter Adventurous design and quality craftsmanship. Tom grew up surrounded by the extreme wilderness, tranquility and natural beauty of Exmoor, England - an environment that stimulated his imagination, a...

    2014 Summer Collection

    Form & Matter Form & Matter's finest green and ethical summer lifestyle products.

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    • Ethical Diamond Jewelry by Diamond in the Rough
      Bracelet with 23 rough diamonds.

      Inspired by our desire to be wrapped in love and affection, micro pave diamonds surround rough diamonds in our signature ...
    • Form & Matter's Surf Photography Collection
      Form & Matter carries fine art pieces of some of the most innovative and experienced surf photographers in the world who are passionate about charitable giving and the...
    • The World of Liquid Light by Brad Lewis
      Welcome to the world of Liquid Light, as captured by internationally acclaimed photographer, G. Brad Lewis! Come on a visual journey with Form & Matter to the Big Isl...
    Form & Matter's latest blog articles
    • Tom Raffield Love
      Form &amp; Matter partnered with Tom Raffield because of his adventurous design and quality craftsmanship.<br /> <br /> Tom grew up surrounded by the e...
    • Iconic Reclaimed Cony Island Boardwalk Furniture by Uhuru Design
      The new Coney Island Line is crafted from reclaimed wood taken from the demolished iconic boardwalk. The Ipe wood, first installed on the boardwalk in the late 1940's...
    • Anthony Ghiglia Photography
      "For as long as I can remember I've wanted to be a photographer. Wanting to catch those indescribable moments, the way a red morning sun can break open the horizo...
    • Sustainable Furniture by Indo Modern
      Form & Matter is a gathering place for the finest minds, businesses, products, technologies, and treasures of planet earth. It is the most highly developed e-comme...
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